Micah Nichols was once the news director of 93.5 KIKT FM and 1400 KGVL AM. Eventually he switched to public relations, but secretly, he was developing his skill as a miniature sculptor. Since 2013, the avid Superman fan works full-time sculpting for companies in the 25mm-75mm range.


What is a freelance miniature sculptor?

A miniature sculptor makes the master miniature for a product. This master is then given to a mold making company that makes a mold, or physical impression, of the master which is used to make countless copies of the original. Miniature sculptors can work for companies of all sorts: board games, jewelry, action figures, statues/figurines etc.

All of these companies need someone to make the first sculpture before mass production. That is the job of the Freelance Miniature Sculptor.

Production copy (left) made by Noble Collection after receiving master figure (right) sculpted by Micah Nichols. Dobby stands at about 1 inch to the top of his head. Micah must sculpt the figure at the exact size that the production copy needs to be.


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