Q: Do you only scuplt for companies or will you also scuplt for individuals?
A: Mostly I scuplt for companies so my schedule is pretty full, but I am willing to scuplt for individuals that are serious about creating a miniature(s) and understand that this is my full-time job and the means by which I support my family.

Q: If I’m not a big company but just an individual, can i get a lower rate?
A: No.

Q: What are your rates?
A: E-mail me with artwork or an example of what you want and EXACTLY how many millimeters it will be sculpted at and i will email you back with a quote for the figure(s). Mail to: info@micahnicholsminiatures.com

Q: How long does it take you to sculpt a miniature?
A: Typically, I can sculpt two to three 30mm figures per week, sometimes i can knock-out one or even two a day but that depends on the project. Of course, something larger will take longer.

Q: Where are you located?
A: I live in the U.S.

Q: Will you scuplt for kickstarter projects?
A: Absolutely, but i have strict policies. I will not sculpt any miniatures unless you can pay me. I don’t start sculpting your figure until i recieve %50 down and i won’t send your figure off or start sculpting anything else you give me until i recieve the other %50. I DO NOT sculpt sample figures for your kickstarter project launch unless you have paid the %50 down. In other words, if you want me to sculpt a figure before you get your funding and before you launch, you need to have capital to pay me.

Q: Are the miniatures featured on your website all the miniatures you’ve sculpted?
A: Not by a long shot. Seeing as that i sculpt several figures a week for various companies, it is a daunting task attempting to keep up with which companies are letting me release photos at what time. It’s easiest just to pick out one or two here and there and ask, the company in question, if it’s ok to post online.

Q: Do you provide moulds, castings or paint the figures that you scuplt?
A: No.

Q: Will you scuplt a figure at low detail so that it won’t cost me as much to make?
A: Typically, no, i don’t like to put half effort into my work.

Q: Do you come up with the designs yourself?
A: I am not in this business to be a “visionary.” I most enjoy bringing others ideas to life. I prefer to work from concept art detailing exactly what the piece should look like. I then sculpt it making the two dimensional drawing a three dimensional realization. I most certainly can come up with designs, and do it for various companies, I just don’t see it as my “forté.”

Q: Do you hire painters to paint your figures?
A: I have no need to personally hire painters to paint my figures. Most of the companies I work for hire very talented individuals to paint the miniatures for advertising purposes. I usually am allowed to use their pictures to promote my figures. However, I prefer to promote my figures when they are un-painted so that those looking to hire me can better see my sculpting skill level. Sometimes painters make my figures look better than they actually are 😛

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