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Science fiction figures I’ve sculpted for various companies.

Latest in Sci-fi

I sculpted this figure for a new and upcoming project with Ganesha Games. It’s called Scum and villainy!


Simian Ultra X Live on Kickstarter!

Project Simian Ultra X is now live! These figures can be used in any sci-fi setting. The project is nearly funded and has only been live for one day!


Stretch Goal For Simian Ultra X

Figure sculpted by me (Micah Nichols)
Painted by Damon Richardson.

Sci-Fi Reaper miniature

This is Rand Dangerfield The smuggler. I sculpted him for Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope line. Should be available on thier site soon. (If it isn’t already)


Cultists of Cthulhu Kickstarter!

This is “The Deep One” at just under 30mm tall. He is one of the figures I’m sculpting for a game called “Cultists of Cthulhu: Miskatonic University”

Click the link below to support the project and get your own copy of the game:
Get your own copy here!

Deep One


Figures for “Week One” Zombie Game

Here are two pieces I can finaly show. Im sculpting the miniatures for a Kickstarter called “Week One.” It’s a really awesome zombie survival table top game that is available to back right now! (click on link below)

Week One Detective Week One Gun Nut

More for the unannounced project

Still can’t tell you what these are for, but here’s several more pieces for the project. All 4 are about 30mm to the eyes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pistol Sniper Space suit glider Space suit helmet

Unannounced Project (Glider)

This is a “glider” at 32mm for an unannounced project. I have permission to post pictures, but beyond that I can’t say….for now at least…